Upstairs View of Main Dining Room Photo

What We’re About

Bath City Bistro provides a unique dining and diversion experience for the Metro Detroit area, centered on the Belgian sport of Trough Bowling. This fun activity is coupled with a menu concentrating on steaks, calzones, the obligatory mussels, and a variety of foods to attract patrons of all palates. And of course, your favorite adult beverages.

Our warm and attractive d√©cor is intended as an unrivaled blend of the turn of the century architecture of Mt. Clemens, featuring photographs that highlight its rich heritage when it was known as “Bath City, U.S.A” for its mineral bath houses. The original brick and wood accents of the building have been restored to convey a sense of warmth and friendliness.

Bath City Bistro features three lanes of Belgian Trough¬†Bowling, a Belgian sport that could be described as a cross between bocci ball and shuffleboard. It is played using wooden discs or balls that resemble a wheel of cheese and are rolled from one end of a trough shaped lane to the other, with the object being to land the balls closest to a feather “planted” at each end of the lane.