Chicken Piccata

Hors d’Oeuvres

Small Platter – 55.00

Feeds 8 people. Includes Cheese Stix, Wing Dings, Mini Tacos, Chicken Tender Strips & Onion Rings.

Feeds 8 people.

Veggie & Dip Platter – 45.00

Feeds 15 people.

Large Platter – 95.00

Feeds 15 people. Includes Cheese Stix, Wing Dings, Mini Tacos, Chicken Tender Strips & Onion Rings.

Feeds 15 people.

Cheese & Crackers – 50.00

Feeds 15 people.

Minimum 15 people for items below.

Chicken Bites – 4.00 pp

Asian Meatballs – 4.00 pp

Jumbo Shrimp – 8.00 pp

Spinach & Artichoke Dip – 4.00 pp

Antipasto or Caesar Salad – 4.00 pp

Tossed Salad – 3.50 pp

Steak Bites – 6.00 pp

Mussels – 5.00 pp

You may bring in a cake for a dessert, we just ask you to bring the paper plates and plastic forks to serve it on.

*Cash bar available for your beverage choice.

Buffet Entrees

Available for parties of 20 or more.

Boneless Chicken Breast – 18.00 pp Prepared Herbed, Piccata or Marsala.

You may add any item below to the Boneless Chicken Buffet for…

Broiled Salmon – 6.50 pp

Broiled Cod – 4.50 pp

Roasted Top Round – 4.50 pp

Beef Tenderloin – 7.50 pp

Italian Sausage with Peppers and Onions Р4.50 pp

*Buffets Include: Choice of marinara pasta or pasta ala olio, mashed potato or roasted redskins, vegetable of the day, tossed salad and hot bread.

Pasta Buffets

Primavera – 10.00 pp

Pasta Ala Olio – 10.00 pp

Portabello Alfredo – 11.00 pp

Pasta Marinara – 10.00 pp

*Buffets Include: Tossed salad and hot bread, add chicken to any of these pastas for 3.00 pp.

Pizza Buffets

Pizza Buffet – 10.00 pp

Includes pepperoni pizza, Antipasto and Caesar Salad.

One Hour Buffet. Mimimum of 20 people.

Additional items 6.00 per pizza (30 slices). Add Pasta Ala Olio or Marinara – 3.50 pp Add Pasta Alfredo or Primavera – 5.50 pp


Non Alcoholic Beverages – 2.50 pp

*Menu selection must be finalized within two weeks of your party.

*There will be an 18% gratuity and a 6% sales tax added to these prices.

*No outside food is allowed with the exception of a Birthday cake.

 We will be happy to create a custom menu to fill your party needs!

For information on booking parties, you must call us! Thank you!